Tutorials for Competitive Examination

Tutorials for Competitive Examination

A competitive examination is an examination where candidates are ranked according to their grades. If the examination is open for n positions, then the first n candidates in ranks pass, the others are rejected. They are used as entrance examinations for university and college admissions or to secondary schools. Types are civil service examinations, required for positions in the public sector; in Indian civil Service Exam, and the United Nations Competitive Examination. In India JEE-Main and JEE-Advanced are two examples of competive examination..

  • A GD is a methodology used by an organization to gauge whether the candidate has certain personality traits and/or skills that it desires in its members. In this methodology, the group of candidates is given a topic or a situation, given a few minutes to think about the same, and then asked to discuss among themselves. We at DASTAK Classes try to provide different topics so that our student can perform extra ordinarily in competitive exams.
  • Newspapers and Magazines are vast source of information. They provide a better understanding of current affair. They also help to improve vocabulary which further improve the communication skill. We at DASTAK Classes try to provide our students good collection of newspapers and magazin, in both Hindi and English, so that students can go through them.
  • At DASTAK Classes atmost we have 50 students in a single batch. The primary objective for doing this is that a teacher can focus on each and every individual and thus provide better guidance to the students. Also large number of queries can be resolved if teacher students ratio is managed properly.
  • DASTAK Classes was started with a vision of quality, affordable education, giving stress to self-study. We also provide various online study materials, which are completely free. The strategy is that, we provide a mix of online study materials, tips, guidance and class notes for competitive exams with the offline study materials such as IAS textbooks and NCERT.
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Programme of SSC/Banking/Railways 100% best

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Regular Classes of G.K., Reasoning, Maths, English for Railways

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Regular Test Series (course test & speed test).

Tutorials for Competitive Examination

The institute has a good infrastructure. The classes have projectors to aid lecturers in teaching. the explanation is good. Teachers are friendly. On a bright side this is improving your future..

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    Regular Classes of Quantitative aptitude Reasoning, English, Marketing, Computer, G.A. for Banking.

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